Ordering / Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Pretty please take the time to read through the information below before calling or emailing us.

How do I order a cake?

The easiest way to start the cake-ordering process is to fill out our contact form here. Please be as specific as possible so we have enough information to process your request! Of course, you may also call or email.

We will then contact you to discuss your order and schedule a consultation if needed.

Please note that all custom cake orders are not placed until a deposit is received.

How much do your cakes cost?

Since all of our cakes are custom designed, and unique to each client, we do not have set prices. Our cakes are priced according to flavors, complexity of design and details. All wedding and tiered celebration cakes have a base pricing of $7/serving. Base pricing includes your choice of any favorite cake and filling flavor combination, flawless fondant finish, and very simple decoration. We find that most of our clients choose designs that range within $10-$15 per serving.

Major factors that affect the price include cake sculpting, fondant or chocolate decorations, detailed piping, painting, airbrushing and other time consuming design elements.

Faux cake tiers are available at 70% the cost of a “real” tier of the same cake. This is a fantastic way to add height, size, and presentation when you have a smaller guest list. Ask for details.

All shaped/sculpted cakes have a minimum sizing of 15-20 servings, since we need a minimum amount of actual cake to achieve these designs. ie: No, we cannot make a car or a dog to feed 5 people. 3-D Sculpted cake pricing is largely dependent upon the shapeʼs complexity, design details, special stands and supports, etc. Please inquire for specific pricing quotes.

We are happy to work within your event budget, and encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation to discuss options.

What is your payment policy?

All orders $499 or less require payment in full to place your order with Gimme Some Sugar LLC, if payment is not received, your order has not been placed and there is no guaranteed availability. Orders $500 and over are allowed to make a 50% non-refundable deposit to place your order with the remaining balance due two (2) weeks prior to your event. If you choose to cancel this Contract, for any reason, you agree to forfeit the deposit (50% of the total cost of your cake). If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, you remain responsible for the entire cost of the cake, and Gimme Some Sugar LLC shall be entitled to the full amount of its charges for the cake as compensation, and shall not be obligated to refund any amounts paid by you.

What is your liability policy?

Our liability, if any, under any circumstance is limited to the value of the cake only. We are not responsible for any damage to the cake which may occur after it has been delivered and set up by Gimme Some Sugar LLC; or in the case of a cake that is picked up from our kitchen studio. We will provide a cake which meets all food sanitation requirements and that can be displayed for up to four hours in a 72°F environment. This includes any of our standard cake and filling flavors. Cakes that are filled with items such as (but are not limited to) fruit, custard, cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, cheesecake, or other fillings prone to spoilage should be displayed for a maximum of 2 hours only. It is our client’s responsibility to communicate the window of safe food handling time to their banquet hall or caterer. The customer assumes all liability for cakes displayed outdoors or in an outdoor tent. A cake displayed in any non-air conditioned space (more than 72°F) is never advised, and becomes the sole responsibility of the client. Our bakery is not an allergen-free environment. Allergens that we use on a daily basis include but are not limited to nuts, flour (gluten), strawberries, chocolate, dairy, food dyes, and several other known allergens. A list of allergens will be given to the client upon request. Gimme Some Sugar LLC will take every precaution that is within our control to eliminate contamination. We cannot guarantee that even with the highest degree of care on our end, that allergens will not be present in any of our products. Inedible items on the cake, such as the wooden dowels or wires in gumpaste flowers, that are not removed before serving are not our responsibility, Likewise, items placed on the cake by any other person or vendor is not our responsibility. Gimme Some Sugar LLC is not liable for any illness, injury or other damage resulting from inedible items or flowers.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Consultations are encouraged, but not always required. We can work with clients via phone or email to complete the details of the wedding or celebration cake from start to finish. This is especially helpful for our out-of-town brides/clients.

Our consultations are complimentary for all custom wedding cakes and large celebration cake orders to personally discuss your cake design, flavor, and pricing details. We are very busy girls, therefore all consultations are by appointment only Monday-Thursday at our cake studio. Please email, call, or use our contact form to schedule your consultation appointment.

Do you offer a cake tasting?

Yes, of course! You may add a cake tasting package to your consultation. Our Signature Tasting includes your choice of 3 different flavor combinations. Feel free to mix and match from the list we provide you. The Signature Tasting is available for $20, but once your cake order is placed, this amount will be placed towards the balance.

Of course, you may certainly add any of our deluxe flavor options a la carte for an additional cost, ranging between $12-25/ea. The cost for the deluxe flavors will not be applied to the balance of your cake order.

Each and every cake sample is baked fresh and especially for you… therefore, all cake tastings must be ordered at least 72 hours in advance and pre-payment is required.

How far in advance should I place my order?

As soon as you know you want a cake, of course! Bookings are made on a first come, first pay basis. We are a boutique cake studio and are limited in the number of events we can handle each week. We encourage that wedding cake orders are placed at least 1 month in advance and all other orders placed at least 2 weeks in advance. Each cake we create is completely custom from start to finish, which means we do not have any pre-made cakes for sale, and cannot complete cake orders placed day of.

If your request is not within the recommended timeframe, donʼt hesitate to contact us as we often have last minute openings.

Do you deliver?

We absolutely deliver! Delivery charges range from $25-$40 and delivery charges are subject to change at anytime. Please inquire with us.

While it is usually not a problem for our clients to pick-up smaller cakes from our shop, self-transporting any cake is at your own risk. GSS does not recommend that clients self-transport 3D/sculpted cakes, cakes stacked over 2 tiers tall, or travel with any cake more than 3 hours. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported cake once it has left our bakery.

What about deliveries to Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Hotels?

Yes, we are able to deliver to most restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels on the Las Vegas strip and surrounding areas. Each venue has different policies in receiving “outside food” which includes cakes. Please do your research… ask if they accept outside cakes and if there are any cake cutting fees applied. Below is a condensed list of hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs we work with and/or are a preferred cake vendor for here in Las Vegas on the strip and off.

TAO Restaurant & Nightclub
LAVO Restaurant & Nightclub
Marquee Nightclub
Venetian Hotel & Casino
Palms Hotel & Casino
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino
Trevi Italian Restaurant
Maggianos Little Italy
Joeʼs Stone Crab
McCormick & Schmickʼs
Firefly* Tapas Kitchen and Bar
Westin at Lake Las Vegas
The Lake Club at Lake Las Vegas
Rhodes Ranch
Gallery Nightclub
Chateau Nightclub
XS Nightclub
Tryst Nightclub
Hakkasan Nightclub
LAX Nightclub
Pure Nightclub
DragonRidge Country Club
The Mob Museum

Do you ship?

Nope. Unfortunately we do not ship any of our products at this time. What better reason to book your trip to Vegas!?

Do your cakes taste as good as they look?

Abso-frickin-lutely! Everything we make here is from scratch using high quality chocolates, natural flavorings, real butter and real cream.. no boxed mixes allowed! Plus every custom cake is baked-toorder… meaning we donʼt bake it until you order it!

Do you offer cakes that are kosher, sugar free, gluten free, or any other allergy specialties?

Sorry, At this time we cannot accomodate these dietary restrictions.

Can I order a cake that I like from your Website?

We love the compliment, but each custom cake we create is unique and one-of-a-kind to the person or event it was created for. However many colors, patterns, and details that you see in our galleries can be re-created and transformed into something unique just for you! We offer custom design composition and sketches once your deposit is placed, to create your very own one-of-a-kind cake design.

Do you offer buttercream finish?

We get this question A LOT! Nope... The design capabilities are very limited. Plus, itʼs Vegas.. it gets pretty hot here. Buttercream is made of butter, which softens at room temperature and melts in the heat. This means youʼre cake might melt, and if it doesnt melt it is guaranteed to turn yellow. We donʼt think a marbled yellow melty cake is the look youʼre going for. Therefore, ALL of our custom cakes are finished in a rolled fondant.. which brings us to the next question...

What is heck is Fondant?

Fondant.. proncounced FON-dant, not Fon-DANT (emphasis on the first syllable please) is a sugar dough which is composed of sugar, gelatin, vanilla, and some stabilizers. Yes, all of our buttercream cakes are covered in a thin layer of fondant.

We LOVE it.. as cake artists it provides a great canvas for our detailed work… whether weʼre airbrushing, attaching ruffles, creating textures, sculpting figurines, etc... etc.

In addition to providing a clean, porcelain finish to your cake, it also helps in sealing the cake to keep in the moisture, and adds strength to each tier, making it easier to handle and transport in the Las Vegas heat.

We use VERY high quality vanilla and chocolate fondants which have great neutral flavors, but can be easily removed from your cake slice if your guests do not wish to eat it. We aren't saying you are going to crave it by the handful, but we promise it will be better than that play-doh tasting stuff youʼve had before!

Why are your serving sizes different than XYZ bakery?

A standard serving of wedding cake is 1”x 2”. Now, grab a ruler… yup, thatʼs tiny! Our servings are guaged slightly larger to accommodate for the occasional inexperienced cake cutter. Every bakery will vary slightly on the number of guests each tier will serve- just pay attention and use common sense… we challenge anyone to squeeze more than 10 servings out of a 6” round!

Why are figurines so expensive?

Each figurine we create is composed of gumpaste and/or chocolate, sculpted by hand and meticulously detailed for hours.. ʻnuff said!

Can I have more than 1 flavor?

Each sculpted cake and single tier must be composed of a single flavor, but a tiered cake may have multiple flavor options. Each tiered cake has a determined number of complimentary flavor options- For example, a 3 -tier cake comes with 2 complimentary flavor choices. A 5-tier cake comes with 3 complimentary flavors. Additional flavors are available but at an additional fee.

Why are your cakes so expensive?

Have you ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”? Itʼs especially true when applied to the world of custom cakes. Perhaps Bakery XYZ says they can do the same design for less… BUT is it really going to look the way you want? Will it taste as good as it looks? We take great pride in each and every cake we create. We tend to take fewer cake orders than larger bakeries so we are able to dedicate our time and attention to every aspect of your cake from start to finish. First, quality ingredients.. every cake is baked fresh for each order, no boxes or pre-made fillings. no exceptions. Next, the research and composition. Thereʼs more to designing a cake than meets the eye. You wouldn't build a casino without floor plans right? A contractor wouldn't just starting putting up walls willy nilly without any thought given to the end result. A football coach wouldn't head into the locker room on the big day and say "Let's hope for the best!" Okay....you get it.

Before any cake is started a game plan is made. We literally spend hours researching themes we are unfamiliar with, acquiring dimensions and ratios for cake replications of cars, arcade games, bottles, etc and composing your list of ideas, interests, hobbies etc into a cake design. While you may want to incorporate butterflies, “cornflower blue”, and your harley motorcycle into a cake it will not always flow and be cohesive. We are able to take these elements and compose them in a way that will look like a finished work of art, not a cake with a bunch of crap tossed on it.

Finally, the design and attention to detail. In general, we spend 3-6 hours on one specific cake, often more. We arenʼt a factory, everything we produce is something we would love to have at any event of our own. Our job is to pay attention to the smallest details that will go unnoticed by most.

Can we come watch you work?

Due to insurance restrictions and health department regulations we cannot have any non-employees without a valid heath card in our kitchen. Plus, our kitchen is very small and very busy. There’s a great deal of time invested with such detailed cakes, and a great deal of stress involved in getting them finished and delivered on time. So as much as we’d like to sit down and visit over a cup of coffee, we really do need to devote our full attention to each cake.

Do you only do Celebrity Cakes?

Of course not.. we will create cakes for anyone and everyone who wants to place an order.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm

Friday-Saturday: 8am-12Midnight

Sunday: 10am-4pm