10 Best Websites to Find Free Recipes

10 Best Websites to Find Free Recipes

Even if you enjoy cooking and love eating, it is not easy to keep your food content fresh. Purchasing the same old ingredients at the grocery store, cooking up the same old recipes, is boring. It is good to check out some websites to find inspiration and new recipe ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Before you hit the grocery store, check these 10 websites examples where you can find unique recipe ideas for free.



On this website, even though there isn’t a search box to help you find recipes by a specific keyword, all of the recipes are perfectly organized. All you need to do is click on a category and it will automatically lead you to another category until you narrow your search and find the recipe you want.

FreeRecipe’s system works well and introduces you to numerous recipe ideas. Many of the recipes don’t include photos, you will find tons of ideas to add to your website, blog or online cookbook.



iChef.com has lots of recipes and an easy-to-use search box to help you find the recipes you would like to add to your recipe and ingredients database. Although this website offers very few pictures, each recipe includes preparation time, baking or cooking time, and the number of ingredients required. This is an excellent source of fresh recipe ideas.



This well-designed website has thousands of recipes you can use. Make sure to use the search box to find a recipe by specific keywords or browse through the categories until you find what you are looking for. Even though there are not a lot of photos, RecipeGoldmine will let you email recipes to yourself so that you can add them to your website or online cookbook.


If you are wondering where to find the best recipes online for free – Cooking.com is the perfect website to check. By clicking on “Recipes & More”, you will find lots of free resources. The website has a search box and an advanced search box so you can focus your search by seasoning, cooking, cooking method, and much more.

The thing we like about this website is that it has a good description of each recipe and lots of photos. The website is well organized and you will find unique recipe ideas to add to your blog collection.



Another popular recipe website and a great source for handmade recipe ideas. It has an entire section dedicated to healthy and nutritious recipes that can be a great addition to your healthy, protein or diet food and recipe website. Each recipe has a nutrition analysis which could also be included in your blog as notes. The website allows you to search for recipes by ingredient (chicken, beef, pork) or by category (beverage, main dish, side dish, etc.).


Food 52

Food gurus and culinary enthusiasts will know all about this website. Food 52 is one of the largest community of chefs on the internet. It is about a community that tests and shares all kinds of recipes. You can literally find recipes for absolutely anything. The amazing photographs and the blogs can distract you while you prepare the ingredients and wait for the water to boil.



Tastespotting uses a bot to find and aggregate recipes from all over the web. It is basically browsing all food blogs that you might not know they exist. It also has an image-based homepage meaning you can scroll and see what’s good and if something catches your eye you can click through the recipe’s original website.

It is one of the best ways to find new recipes, favorite dishes, and food bloggers to follow.


Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen’s website is run out of a small and cite New York City kitchen which is incredible since the recipes look amazing and so tasty. You can sign up for the weekly newsletter and get recipes directly in your inbox.

It is definitely worth checking this website out. A lot of fresh and unique recipes are waiting to be discovered.


Yummly is another website with tons of user-generated recipes and a community of experienced and creative cooks bragging about their delicious recipes. Whether you want to try a new salmon grilling technique or you want to make takeout fried rice, Yummly is a great website to go for sure.



The name says it all! On this website, you will find food news, cooking tips, and how to make cooking as easy as possible. From easy weeknight dinners, no-bake desserts, and slideshows of delicious summer pasta dishes – you will find lots of inspirational recipes. It is what this website is all about.

No matter what you end up cooking, we know it is going to be delicious.

If you have something specific in mind that you want to make or share with your website and blog visitors, you can just plug into Google and get access to recipes and ingredients database to compare from. If you want the best from the best – check out these websites from home cooks, food bloggers, and cookbook authors to get inspiration.


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