How to Create a Recipe Website: 10 Examples to Follow

How to Create a Recipe Website: 10 Examples to Follow

The key to a good food blog or website – whether it is a recipe website, food blog or selling a product – is high-quality photography. If you start analyzing some of the best recipe websites, you will notice that they all have excellent photography.

A portion of good food or recipe website don’t need to be ornamental – it can be straightforward and simple.

If you want to share your unique recipe ideas with the world, we can show you how to create a recipe website and reveal some of the best recipe websites created with ecommerce website builders like Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress.


How to Create a Recipe Website

Creating a food or recipe website has never been easier thanks to ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy platform, Squarespace, and WordPress.

You can create a recipe website with a few simple clicks – choose a store name, choose a theme, add your recipes and all the necessary information, and promote your store. It is pretty simple.

Wondering how to create a food and recipe website and differ yourself apart from the crowd? Everyone needs a bit of inspiration, from time to time.


10 Examples of Creative Food and Recipe Websites

Although creating a recipe website is easy using Shopify or WordPress, you still need examples of successful websites so you’ll know how to design your own website and attract as many customers as possible. Check out our tips and examples so you get inspired on your own recipe website!

Binging with Babish

Built with ecommerce platform Squarespace and using a custom theme, Binging with Babish is one of the most popular food websites. Andrew Rae is the filmmaker and chef that is in charge of this business. He has a cooking show and loves to encourage and educate others and their love of delicious food on his YouTube channel.

Tasty Shop

Built with Shopify, Tasty shop is a great example of how your food and recipe websites should look like. Tasty Shop has different and pretty cool recipes that look amazing. Aside from that, you can buy their products like bakeware, cookware, and utensils in different color choices.

A Fork & a Pencil

Built with Squarespace using the Mercer template, A Fork & A Pencil is another great example of a recipe website. It is an overall clean and lovely website, perfect for your recipe ideas. You can find collection based on meals. They offer a monthly subscription so you can have the recipes online delivered directly to your inbox.

Built with WordPress and using a custom template, is a digital food publication located in Singapore. You can read about all things related to travel, food, and nightlife. They have authentic reviews on all of their trials so that you know what you can expect.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar is built with Shopify using an unknown template. The brain behind this website is Christina Tosi. She was able to make a fun and creative twist on sweet treats. One look at her website and you will realize that everything she makes has a unique finish that screams creativity and deliciousness. Maybe this is the reason why she has over 15 different store locations.


How to create a recipe website with Shopify? Easy, take a look at Sakara – a website built with Shopify and you will see that all you need to do is pick a theme and have an amazing business idea.

Sakara, for example, is a home meal delivery service that offers nutrient-rich recipes and ingredients, prepared by top chefs. You can place your order online and receive it within 48 hours, in coolers (to keep it fresh).

Heavenlynn Healthy

Built with WordPress and using the Foodie Pro template, Heavenlynn Healthy is one of our favorite recipe websites.

Lynn created this website and its recipes after being diagnosed with hypertension. This inspired her and her passion for healthy food and nutrition to create delicious recipes that are both healthy and satisfying. On her blog, you can also find a lifestyle section where she talks about natural cosmetic products.


Upnature is built using Shopify ecommerce website builder. It is a line of essential oils made of different scents. The oils are sold at a reasonable price. They are high-quality meaning they can assist in a healthy lifestyle.

Sous Chef Cooking Shop

Another food website created with Shopify. On this website, you can find everything related to the kitchen. You can find ingredients for your next dish, interesting recipes, cookware to prepare your next meal, and great techniques to make the process easier.

Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate is a simple website built with WordPress.

Kate lives in Oklahoma and adores food, cooking, trying new recipes, and photography. The perfect combination of skills to run a food website. She is passionate about using whole foods and creating unique vegetarian recipes that are beyond delicious.


We hope these examples will inspire you and teach you a thing or two about how to create a recipe website easy and free. You have a few options to choose – use WordPress and build your website for free (you’ll need to find a web hosting provider) or use Shopify or Squarespace (two of the best website builders) and have everything included in a monthly fee (hosting, blog, free templates, and much more). Did you know you can also buy recipes online? Read our articles, and find everything you need to know!

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