Selling Recipes on Etsy: 5 Strategies for Differentiating from Similar Sellers

Selling Recipes on Etsy: 5 Strategies for Differentiating from Similar Sellers

With more than 2 million active sellers (as of 2019), Etsy has never been more crowded. Regardless of the niche you are in, you are likely to be competing with hundreds if not thousands of other active sellers offering similar products.

Sellers selling recipes on Etsy needs to stand out in order to make this platform a viable business option.

The good news is that even with strong competition for customers’ attention, you can increase your listings and appeal to more customers without changing your entire seller strategy.

In order to stand out, you have to do everything by the plan and these 5 strategies will cover common mistakes that can push your listings from basic to great – and increase your sales from satisfying to excellent, too.


#1: Up Your Photography Game

Without professional and high-quality food photography, your recipes will not entice Etsy users to click. Having top-notch photos mean that you will likely have to borrow, purchase or rent professional equipment to get the best results.

No matter how quality the camera is – lighting is also key to a professional-looking photo. Consult a professional photographer on how to light or shoot your food. There are a lot of photography guides available in print and an abundance of free online information that can help you step up your photography game.

After you’ve taken your photos, touch them up a little. Even if you can’t afford expensive photo software, there are great alternatives as apps. Making sure your colors are exposed or cropping photos for a better view makes a big difference.


#2. Do Competitor Research and Avoid Their Mistakes

Take the time to scroll down the Etsy website if you were a customer. Search the niches you want to sell recipes online and dominate, and don’t forget to check out the competition.

What do you love about the products that you are most attracted to? What is the seller doing well with their photos and descriptions that you are not? What do comments say about the seller’s service and product? What drives you away from buying from a seller you don’t like? What is the seller doing in their descriptions or photos that put you off? Are you doing any of those things? What do comments say about that seller’s service?

Don’t steal what others are doing, however, be aware of what is working in your niche, and adjust your product (your recipes) accordingly. Every six months, do a research of what your competitors are doing and remember popularity and trends can change fast on websites like Etsy.


#3: Choose a Descriptive Name for Your Shop

In a crowded space like Etsy, even small things can make a difference. Your shop name should be descriptive and memorable. Having a name that highlights your creativity and professionalism signs to potential customers that you are serious at your job.

If you can, try to make your shop and username something catchy so customers can easily memorize it. When customers know your name, they are more likely to return to check out your store or recommend your recipes off the cuff. Pulling in more business from current customers is a great strategy to boost sales.


#4: Tell a Story

If a potential shopper heads from your product to your shop page, what will they see? It should be a space that tells a great story about who you are, why you are doing what you are doing, and why you are better than other sellers. What better place to do that than in your profile.

Etsy shoppers who read your profile are looking for extra details about you and want to see whether you are reliable and trustworthy. Look at your profile as a piece of marketing, something that will help you sell more recipes online on Etsy. Be intentional about how you describe yourself, your business, business’s history, and your mission statement.

Your story should detail your creativity and accomplishments. Anyone who visits your store and is on the fence about buying your recipes will be assured of the craftsmanship and quality of your work.

#5: Brag About What Makes You Special

Websites like Etsy are super crowded so you need to show what makes you better than other similar sellers. Are you focused on quick orders, incredible customer service, quality product? Do you source locally, use organic ingredients? Whatever it is that you pride your store on, make it front and center.

Don’t hesitate to add these to your descriptions. Etsy shoppers are using the information on your pages to decide not just about the products you are selling but about you as a seller. Don’t make them look for what your business does best because most people will not bother to do that.

Making money selling recipes online on Etsy is possible, however, that is not going to happen automatically. You can’t just add some food photos and sit back and wait for customers to come. There are too many sellers to expect that your customers will find their way to our shop. You must be proactive about how you differentiate yourself.

Do everything you can to prioritize your listings, gain customers’ trust with high-quality and professional-looking photos, and descriptions that show off the things your business is best at.

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