50+ Awesome Free Food and Recipe Blogger Resources

50+ Awesome Free Food and Recipe Blogger Resources

Luckily, there are great free resources and great things that can help your existing recipe website or new food blogging business grow.

Here are some of the best free resources, perfect for recipe sellers and website owners curated by numerous food blogs such as Freebie.Supply, Pro Food Blogger, Canva, and more.


Best Recipe Submission Websites

You can submit your recipe and food photos to one of these websites to gain extra exposure and attract new potential clients:

  • Tastespotting: This is a community-driven website where you can submit all of your recipes.
  • Food Gawker: On this website, you can submit food photos with a detailed recipe and cooking instructions to get exposure to thousands of new readers.
  • Finding Vegan: You can share your best vegan recipes and photographs on Finding Vegan.
  • FoodSpreading: This maybe is not the best recipe website and won’t get you a lot of views but it surely will get a backlink from the website.
  • Tasteologie: You can link all of your recipes and photos.
  • Liqurious: You can submit photos and recipes of your favorite cocktails and mixed drinks.
  • Designer Pics: The perfect website for vivid stock food photos.
  • Dreamstime: If you are looking for amazing, professional-looking free photos, this is the perfect website for you.


Free Business and Photography Courses

Want to learn how to take breathtaking food photos, write your first eBook or market on social media? Here are some of the best business and food photography courses.

  • Skillshare: Learn how to improve your food photography game and write your first recipe eBook.
  • Coursera: Learn some marketing techniques from top professors and colleges.


Photo Editing Templates and Collages

Build beautiful photo templates, edit your photos, create stunning collages, and make educational and catchy infographics.

  • Canva: Create collages, edit photos, add text to photos, design beautiful recipe templates, and much more. It is perfect for creating Facebook Images, Pinterest Pins, Instagram Posts, Twitter headers, and more. All templates and photos you see on this website are made using the Canva tool.
  • BeFunky: You can add text and filters for your pics.
  • Meme Generator: You can make a meme and add some humor to your content creation and food blogging.
  • Pixlr: Add borders, frames, and overlays to your photos.
  • Social Image Resizer Tool: You can create optimized images for social media.

There may be a time when you will need to use some photos on your sales pages, food blog, social media posts, etc. Here are some of the best websites where you can get food stock photography for free.

  • Creative Commons Photos: You can find beautiful and high-quality public domain photos.
  • Death to Stock Photos: Get incredible, high-resolution photos delivered to your inbox.
  • Epicantus: You can use their high-quality photos without attribution.
  • Every Stock Photo: They say that you can find every stock photograph on the web.
  • Foodies Feed: The best place where you can find photos for your recipes and ingredients database or website.
  • Free Stock Image Point: You can find photos for personal and commercial use.
  • Goof Free Photos: Search photos based on a location or where they were captured.
  • Jay Mantri: On this site, you will find incredible scenic photos and some beautiful food photos.
  • Life of Pix: High-quality photos for business or personal projects.
  • Morguefile: Excellent food and vegetable shots.
  • Picjumbo: High-resolution and professional photos.
  • Splashhase: You can search for several stock photo libraries.
  • Unsplash: Great photos you can use without credit.

Optimize Your Food Photos

The last thing you want is to have huge food photo files slowing down your blog. These resources will help make your food recipe website quicker and better optimized.

  • EWWW Image Optimizer: Reduce photo file sizes in WordPress.
  • Hammy: WordPress plugin that takes your photos and makes smaller sizes.
  • ImageOptimizer: Resize photos and reduce file size.
  • JPEG-Optimizer: Compress and resize digital images and photos online.
  • it: WordPress plugin that will optimize your photos.


Best Writing & Blogging Tools

Here are some of the best writing & blogging tools you can use to sell your recipes:

  • Grammarly: Makes you a better writer by finding and fixing up to 10x the mistakes found on your word processor.
  • Editorial Calendar: A WordPress plugin that allows you to see when your blog posts are set to be published while allowing you to drag and drop to a certain time and date.
  • Hemingway: Suggests you which of your sentences are hard to read and if you have any errors. It is like an English teacher helping you and correcting your written work.
  • Medium: Give your blog posts and ideas a chance to go viral.
  • Social Locker: Ask readers to pay for the content with Facebook or Tweet share.
  • WP Hide Post: Make certain blog pages or posts hidden at some parts of your blog while being visible at some other parts.


Find Cool Trends to Write About

  • Buzzsumo: See what type of content gets the most traffic and shares for you or your competition.
  • Blogtap: Get blog post ideas based on certain categories you get to choose from.
  • Google Trends: See what searches are popular on Google. You will get an idea about what you can write about.
  • Quora: Discover common questions and topics generally need info and answers on.
  • Upworthy Title Generator: Make blog post titles just like the ones you see on Upworthy.


Name Generators for Your Food/Recipe Website and Blog

If you want to start a food and recipe website or blog – you will need a catchy name. These tools can help make that happen.

  • Name Mesh: The best way to see which domain name variations are free.
  • Domainr: Quick domain name search for catchy and short URLs.
  • Naminum: Discover a great company or blog name.
  • Wordoid: Search a domain name for interesting made-up words.
  • Panabee: Search for domains based on whatever names you include in your search.

If you want to spruce up your blog with unique fonts:

  • Google Fonts: Free fonts optimized for the web.
  • DaFont: A massive archive of downloadable fonts.
  • TypeGenius: Find the best font combo for infographics, book covers, and blog posts.

Hopefully, you discovered some new free tools and plugins that will help you take your food and recipe websites to the next level.

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