A Guide to Selling Recipes on Etsy: How to Get a Strong Start

A Guide to Selling Recipes on Etsy: How to Get a Strong Start

Etsy is a unique marketplace for vintage goods, handmade items, and craft supplies. It is also a popular marketplace for sharing and selling recipes. On Etsy, you will find a community of small-business owners, makers, and shoppers who share a passion for handmade delicious recipe ideas.

If you are new to Etsy, take some time to get to know the platform. Review the seller policies, fee policies, etc. to make sure that selling recipes on Etsy is right for you.

If you are interested, our guide can help you with the first steps of creating your shop.


Open Your Recipe Shop

Before you create your store, you need to sign in to create your Etsy account. The Etsy account is used to run your online store and to purchase from other Etsy sellers. After creating an account, add personal information to let people know who you are.

This is the first step in opening an Etsy shop and should be done on a desktop web browser. Once the account is created and the shop is open, you can manage everything through the Etsy app.

Now that you’ve signed up to sell recipes online on Etsy and start your own food blog, there are a few steps you need to take to complete the process and prepare to start selling to Etsy users. Like any ecommerce store, you should think through a few key factors. Consider things like policies, production time, shipping (if necessary), etc.

Here are a few key shop elements to keep in mind:

  • Banner and shop logo: You need to upload clear photos that describe the style of your brand and make a powerful strong impression on shoppers. For example, if you are selling handmade grandma’s recipes, you may want to add a photo of your grandma in the kitchen preparing the delicious recipes. As for a logo, try something that represents your product or the unique recipe ideas you are willing to share with the world.
  • Shop announcement: Come up with a brief welcome message for your future shoppers.
  • About section: Upload photos and videos of your recipes (customers always want to see the end product) and make sure to share the story behind your products, how you came up with the idea to sell recipes online, and what your vision is for your business.
  • Shop members: if you are working alone, share some personal information about yourself. If there are members of your team, introduce them to your customers.
  • Shop policies: If you want to outline all your shipping, returns, exchanges, custom items, payment policies or other guides that are important for shoppers, this is your chance to do it. There are things shoppers should know before they make a purchase and it is up to you to share these things.


Marketing & Promotion

Selling recipes online for money couldn’t be possible without a marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is key to the success of your Etsy store. It will help your new customers find your products (recipes, eBooks, etc.), allow your current customers to be up to date with the newest products your shop offers, and can lead to an overall expansion of sales.

Here are a few tips to getting started with marketing:

  • Make sure you’ve optimized your shop for Etsy search. You can add your location so that your Etsy shop can be found in all local searches.
  • Link your shop to social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. so you can share posts about your product and business.
  • Consider marketing your products through paid advertising.
  • Consider offering discounts to shoppers to purchase with coupons.
  • Find a local event or market when you can sell your recipe ideas.
  • Join the Etsy community where you can network with both shoppers and sellers.

Manage Your Etsy Shop

After you’ve added all the information, there are a couple of factors to manage as your store grows.

  • Make sure you follow the best practices related to customer service so you are qualified for Seller Protection Policy.
  • Learn what to do when you make the first sale.
  • Inform yourself about the Etsy Review system.
  • Manage your shop 24/7 using the Etsy app.
  • Take a break from your shop (if you think you need).


Connect with the Etsy Sellers and Buyers

You can get  free recipes and great tips on how to sell recipes online, how to attract new clients, and much more from other Etsy sellers. Join the Etsy community and share your ideas and suggestions.


Selling Recipes Successfully

Etsy has millions of active sellers. In order to stand out and sell your product – you will need to develop skills related to branding and customer service.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Practice your photography: One of the secrets to selling recipes online on Etsy is using attractive and professional photos. For the best results, you may experiment with different lighting options. If you don’t have what it takes, you can always hire a professional food photographer.
  • Brand your business: Etsy is a great platform to build a name for yourself. For best results, design your Etsy shop to reflect your style and the products you offer.
  • Focus on clients: It is no secret that customers today have a plethora of options. To encourage customers to choose your recipes over the competitors’, you need to strive to be always available to buyers, answer their questions, and provide them with all the information they need (what kind of ingredients you use, are your recipes healthy, vegan or sugar-free, etc.). You should also be honest about ingredients and how much time your product (homemade cookies or something else) will take to shop. Make sure the finished product looks just as good as in the photo.
  • Strategically use social media: To get the word out, successful Etsy sellers suggest to harness the power of social media. By sharing information about your new recipe ideas on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. you can help more potential clients discover your ideas.

With your store set-up complete, you can get down to business. Whether that is writing new recipe ideas, writing eBooks or preparing delicious dishes and selling your products, Etsy can help you turn your creative passion into a full-time business.

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