The Beginners Guide to Make Money Selling Recipes Online

The Beginners Guide to Make Money Selling Recipes Online

If you have a passion for cooking, if you love finding new recipe ideas, tweaking them to make them better or simply coming up with your own unique dish, why not get paid for what you love most?

If you enjoy creating recipes, you can get paid for it!

But how to make money selling recipes online? How much do recipes sell for these days? Can you sell your recipes and make enough money? Our guide got you covered.

We will talk about the best ways to sell recipes online for money and how to make it a full-time job.


How Much is a Recipe Worth Today?

It is not easy to pinpoint an exact amount or translate a recipe into a set amount of income. Freelancing gigs and bloggers may pay anywhere from $10 to $20 for the use and rights to a recipe with photos included.

If you are publishing your own recipe ideas on a blog, you may be able to earn more by monetizing your blog with affiliate programs and advertisers. Publishing a cookbook or a recipe collection could result in more income. Recipe contest winners can be awarded for their work on just one recipe.


How to Make Money Selling Recipes Online?

There are a few strategies that can help you earn money by selling recipes online:

Become a Freelance Food Writer

Freelance writing is a great option if you consider yourself a cooking enthusiast. So, how do you make money selling recipes as a writer?

There are so many ways you can look for potential clients. A few of your clients can include:

  • Bloggers & Magazines in Lifestyle, Health, Cook, Fitness, Kids & Family niches
  • Food product companies
  • Restaurants and food outlets
  • Health and Fitness related companies
  • Business near who sell products necessary to make these recipes
  • Fitness centers

Also, you can find recipe writer jobs at SimplyHired, Upwork, Blogging Pro, Problogger, Craigslist, and Freelancer.

That’s how you get paid for recipe writing. If you want to be successful at freelance writing as a beginner, come up with an email strategy. Sending emails to potential clients can help you attract even more attention.


Revenue Sharing

There are companies like Hubpages and RecipeYum that allow writers to submit recipes. If, for example, your recipe is chosen, you get paid on a revenue-sharing basis.

The revenue usually depends on the number of views the recipe gets, etc.


Sell Recipes Online to Bloggers

If you ask successful sellers how they started selling recipes online, they will probably say that they market the recipes to food bloggers. Food bloggers are caught up with a lot of work and buying recipes saves a lot of time.

Make sure to check Cooking for Engineers where you can submit recipes for publication. If they choose your post, you can get $10-$20 which is not bad for a beginner. You can also check Crafty Morning but keep in mind that they only accept blog posts if you have amazing and professional photos.

If you want to earn more money selling recipes online and attract more authoritative bloggers, work on a finished post. Make sure the post has an introduction, conclusion, high-quality photos, instructions, ingredient list, and tips. Professional bloggers will come back and purchase from you if all they have to do is click “publish”. Read more on how to create an appealing website.


Selling Recipes to Companies, Restaurants, and Stores

Restaurants and food companies are always looking for new recipes. Wondering how much do recipes sell for? Well, sky is the limit!

You can create a media kit that includes bloggers, testimonials, and companies you have worked with, types of recipes you have, etc. To create this kit, you can use DesignWizard or PicMonkey.

Start approaching companies and restaurants by using col emails. Be careful not to reveal too much about your recipe idea. You don’t want anyone to be able to copy it.


Freelance Recipe Developer

Businesses, brands, and restaurants are always looking for recipe developer, someone who can inspire them and show them something unique.

Before you develop any recipe or pitch a brand, study them to understand their values. Are they prefer a specific diet, are they gluten-free?

Do good work and everyone will want to purchase your recipe ideas. When selling recipes online for money, make sure there is no copyright infringement. This grows the chances of referral sales and cooperating with the same business again.

There you go – you now know everything about how to make money selling recipes online. Another very important thing – before you sell a recipe, make sure you have a contract that covers all specifics. It is essential to protect your recipes and creative ideas.

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