3 Tips to Create a Recipe Website with an Appetizing Design

3 Tips to Create a Recipe Website with an Appetizing Design

The Internet has become one giant enterprise that helps businesses around the world grow and expand. Sooner or later every business person concludes that it would be nice to have a website or blog to advertise its product or ideas. If you are in the food business – you understand that too.

How to create a recipe website that is more attractive to your potential buyers? This is a question we all try to answer based on what development stage your business is in.

In this article, we will provide you with the best tips on how to create a food and recipe website with an attractive design.


How to Design a Food & Recipe Website

Before you start working on your online project, you have to have an idea of who you are. What is even more important to understand is what you expect from your website.

To make sure you do this right, you need to concentrate on the 3 main reasons why you want to create a recipe website. Once you do that, keep in reasons in mind when creating your online recipe project.

If your food business is in its development stage, the main goal of the project is to attract new clients. You will need to look for ways and strategies of how to achieve it. At this point, it is best to concentrate on the SEO-friendliness of your site. SEO is what helps your website gets noticed by Google.

Will it matter if your visitors find your site at the top of the Google search list? Of course, it will.

Search engines can’t taste your food and as a result, they can’t recommend your recipes to prospective clients. You will need to find other ways to persuade these search engines to promote your business by placing it higher in the results. (Take a look at this beginners guide to sell more online with a recipe website)


Find The Right Website Template (Look for SEO-Friendly Template)

The modern web developers and designers care about the quality of their products. It is one of the reasons why some of the best CMS for a food or recipe website contains SEO-related components.

For example, the Shopify website builder contains an SEO-settings section – where you can provide information about important components as Page Title, Page Description, Page Keywords, and more. These components are super important for search engines.

Finding the right website template is not easy. You need to know exactly what type of website you are looking for. Are you interested in creating a website with a simple and minimal design or a website that will serve as your online portfolio – a place where you will add all of your recipes and culinary secrets.

If you can’t decide, see what kinds of website templates are out there. Luckily, the options are endless and there are templates to suit everyone’s taste. Whatever the design, make sure the template is SEO-friendly and responsive. We all know that today most people use their smartphones to browse online. If they are unable to load your website on their smartphones, they will probably leave and find a new website.

Start a Blog

The main idea behind any successful recipe website is a food blog with regularly published posts. All posts have to be attention-grabbing, original, and fun to read. It makes sense to write on the topics you are passionate about so you will not run out of ideas.

The search engines are created to highlight original content. As long as you write about the things you love, the search engines will do the rest.

When it comes to the topics, they can be different. If you ask me – you can share your experience with cooking cookies last night. Talk homemade recipes and delicious dishes. Offer family recipes. Discuss food rituals. There are so many topics to talk about.

If you think you can’t run a website and a blog at the same time, you can hire a designer to do it for you. Custom designs cost thousands of dollars, but if you build a website using Shopify as a website builder, you will get a blog for free. Find a creative designer and content writer who will update your blog with fresh and unique content every week.


A blog will add a personal touch to your website.

Another reason why you need a blog when your business is already well known is to get closer to your clients. Are you satisfied with your sales? Do you want to sell more? Do you maybe want to expand your business and start selling an eBook with all of your recipes? Your blog will have a different role in your business plan. It is a reliable tool to use to get feedback from your customers.

What if your business has taken off but you think with a website and blog you can generate more revenue? In this case, you need to use popups.

A pop-up is a tiny window that appears on the screen. It functions as an attention grabber and makes your visitors stay longer on your site, thus contributing to the success of your food/recipe business.

Popups can contain important information, for example, the best recipes, most-used ingredients or fun facts about one of your dishes. We assure you – your visitors will appreciate this creativity.


A Final Word

Choose the options that suit your business best when planning to create a food and recipe website 2019. Remember that your website can be used for different projects and purposes. It is up to you to decide what role a website is going to play in the success of your food-related business.


And don’t forget to use your creativity. Yes, you can follow our tips and create a great website with an appetizing design but also make sure to add your creativity and uniqueness. This is an opportunity to show the world everything you can do, besides delicious and tasty meals, of course. For more information, click here.

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