Online Store Website: How to Earn Customer Trust When Selling Online

Customer trust is hard to earn, especially if you have just created your online store. Yet, you need to earn customers’ trust before they decide to purchase your products.

Imagine visiting a store for the first time, you know nothing about the company, the products, the quality or their commitment to customers.

Like most online shoppers, you are looking for reviews from previous customers, looking for a comment that will prove that the online store website met their needs.

When your ecommerce business is brand new, with no reviews or comments, how do you overcome the problem to gain confidence in potential purchasers?

Take Your Online Store Website to the Next Level: 6 Strategies to Winning Customer Trust

Here are six great strategies to win customer confidence and start growing your online store from the ground up.


Build Relationships Through Content

Content is an effective tool for connecting with new purchasers who have no idea who you or your business are.

Blogging can show that you are serious about your business, as well as, your customers’ problems which is a good sign for customers.

Content can help customers get more familiar with your store, especially if you share personal stories. This will show the history behind your brand and help people feel like they can trust you.

Content marketing is also a great way to show your expertise. If you show your customers that you really know your products, they will believe in the quality and value of the products you sell.

You have a chance to connect with your people. Even if they leave a short comment, you still have a chance to talk to them and establish a personal relationship.

For content marketing to be productive, you must provide high-quality, unique, and engaging content on a daily basis.

Make Yourself Available

Customers who are not sure about your online store may reach out to you through a few different methods – email, social media, live chat, phone, and etc. They may have questions about shipping dates, return policies or other product information.

If you want to sell online and be successful at it, it is important to answer these inquiries as thoroughly and soon as possible.

Just ask yourself – who would you trust more – a store that responds within ten minutes or one that takes 24 hours to deliver an answer?

In today’s competitive age, speed is important. Because of this, we recommend you to integrate live chat on your website (if you are a Shopify user, we recommend you to use Shopify Messenger Channel).

Knowing that they can get an immediate response may encourage customers to chat with you, send questions, address concerns, and more.

Fix The Things that Spoil Confidence and Trust

Take a look at your store, from your homepage to checkout, on both desktop and mobile. What do you think? Are there any things that may erode trust?

Ask friends and coworkers if they would trust the website enough to purchase from it. Is your homepage complicated? Is your shipping information not clear enough?

Even though you know you are running a serious and reliable business, that doesn’t mean that your customers do.

Analyze your website and try to find even the smallest mistakes. If there is a grammar or spelling error in your content, you can lose credibility.

Broken links also look unprofessional. Poor images and graphics look sloppy and cheap. Don’t ignore these details.

Show Customers That Security is Your Top Priority

Cybersecurity is the main problem with hackers exposing major companies like Target. It makes sense that consumers are careful about giving anyone their personal information.

One way to overcome this problem is by using security-boosting applications that not only add an extra layer of protection but inform purchasers by showing security badges on your website.

One example is the Shopify Secure Badge.

Offering multiple payment options is another strategy to make consumers feel more comfortable about purchasing from you.

Feature Your Return Policy

Ask yourself – if you are ready to make a purchase, what is the one thing that would make you feel better about purchasing online? A return policy, of course.

Return policies are seen as a sign of professional customer service. The return policies show that you prioritize the experience of your customers and you are confident about the products you sell. As a matter of fact, you are so confident that the customers can send the product back for a refund if they are not satisfied.

These policies lower the risk your purchasers assume when they purchase online. For example, if you offer free returns within 30 days, people will be more willing to buy from your store.

Having a great return policy is not enough. You will also want to promote the policy on your website. We recommend you to create a page that shows your full return policy, have a section dedicated to returns, display a security badge to feature a money back guarantees.

Give Away Product Samples

Finding the first customers and making the first sales can be a real challenge. One way to get your products into customers’ hands is by giving product samples.

Giveaways or product samples can increase interest in your business and grow confidence by eliminating all possible risks. You will offer customers a chance to try before they buy.

There are a few ways you can give out your product for free – give samples and ask for a review in return, send products to bloggers and influencers to get the word out, distribute samples through events and pop-ups to spruce up interests, and etc.


Every seller needs to start at the bottom with no reviews and no sales to leverage. With these 6 strategies, you will be in a better position to conclude your first sales and build your way up to a business that inspires confidence and trust.  How to Sell Online

Ready to make your first sales?



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