How to Find and Buy Recipes Online: 5 Best Search Tools

How to Find and Buy Recipes Online: 5 Best Search Tools

We bet it’s been a long time since you had to ask your grandmother to hand down great recipes. You also don’t have time to go through books looking for hidden gems. We understand you.

If you are in need of fresh recipe ideas why not take advantage of the internet. After all, there is nothing you can’t find online, right?

So, where can you find and buy recipes online?

We have selected the 5 best recipe search tools for finding great recipes online. These are the favorite search tools used by online shoppers.

Formerly known as Recipezaa, is one of the most popular recipe search tools on the web. It is an all-things-food-related website with a focus on cookbooks, recipes, and more.

You can browse popular recipe categories, check out the most popular searches, and search for new recipe ideas. Where this site shines (huge recipe database aside) is its Recipe Sifter tool. You can use this tool to select what course you want, what kind of sub-course you want (for example, appetizers, dip ideas, etc.), and then narrow down your search with ingredient filters, occasion (special occasions, holidays, dinner parties, celebrations, etc.), ease of preparation, dietary requirements, and much more.


Bing Recipe Search

Since 2010, Bing has had advanced recipe search features. To find what you are looking for, search for recipe names, ingredients or other food-related search terms. You will notice the “Recipes” tab along the navigation bar at the top.

Click on the tab and Bing will filter the search results to present and organize recipe results. You can narrow down your search by cuisine type, ranking, season or occasion, convenience, main ingredients, and more. Another great thing about Bing is that it pulls from a wide range of websites like TheFoodNetwork, Allrecipes, Delish, Epicurious, MyRecipes, and other popular recipe websites.

If you don’t know what kind of recipe you are looking for, Bing Recipe Search is worth trying. You will discover many ideas and hopefully, you’ll narrow down your search.



Allrecipes is another great website for finding great recipe ideas. It is a recipe sharing and cataloging site with a huge database of recipes. You don’t need an account to search the website, however, it is good to have one cause you can store all the recipes you find. You can also add your own recipes in the recipe box.

One of the best things about this website is the advanced search tool. It is quite helpful for filtering through the recipes and allows you to specify your exact requests. For example, if you want to see the best lunch recipes that are vegan-friendly or carb-free you can add all necessary filters and get recipes that suit your desires. If you enjoy browsing different recipe ideas and scanning delicious food photos as much as you enjoy preparing them, Allrecipes has a great photo section where users show off their amazing food-photographing skills. You can search and buy recipes online and enjoy beautiful food photos at the same time.


If you find yourself browsing recipe websites but you are a bit frustrated when you realize that every recipe that catches your eye demands a trip to the store for more ingredients, SuperCook is the perfect website for you – a place where you can find the best recipes online.

To take advantage of this website, you start adding in the ingredients you have in your fridge. The more ingredients you add, the more list of recipe ideas grows. And while you add your ingredients, SuperCook will suggest more you might have overlooked and help you expand the recipe list.

For example, you can add pasta, tomato sauce, basic, and it asks if you have mozzarella cheese, butter, olive oil or other ingredients that are common in Italian dishes that would compliment the ingredients you have at home.

SuperCook is a great website to inspire you to cook a delicious meal with the ingredients you already have. You can find some pretty interesting recipes, it is definitely worth trying.



Epicurious combines a huge database of recipes with features that make recipe search and preparation super easy. You can search for recipe ideas based on food style, ingredients or dietary needs, among other factors.

For shopping, you can print a shopping list and find multiple recipes for your dish planning and one main shopping list to purchase everything in one click. The best part is that Epicurious is available as an iOs and Android app so your recipe searching can travel to the store with you. Isn’t that great? You’ll have your own cookbook while on the go.

Have you tried any of these recipe search tools before? Feel free to share more about your favorite recipe search tool in the comments.


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