Why You Should Create a Recipe Website

Why You Should Create a Recipe Website

Have you been carefully perfecting your favorite meals? Do you enjoy cooking every day? Well, it is time to move on to the next step – running your own business.

Why not take advantage of your cooking skills and creativity and create a recipe website where you will share all of your culinary secrets and recipe ideas and make money at the same time.

You have a chance to turn your passion into a full-time job and build a name for yourself. Let’s do this!


Get Full Control Over Your Business

Wondering why you should create a recipe website?

The biggest benefit?

You will get full control over your business.

Now that you’ve decided that selling your unique, handmade recipes online is not a bad idea, you need to think from a business perspective. And what’s a better way to take control over your business than building a recipe website.

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram control your followers. These platforms set the parameters for how you can communicate with your audience and when you get new followers, you are helping them build their business.

With your recipe website, you get to control every aspect of your business and decide how you want to communicate with your visitors and potential clients.

You can promote your website on social media. After all, social media platforms have a built-in audience that you can attract to your blog or website. Websites tend to hold onto their traffic for some time once established and can grow year after year.

What are we trying to say is that it might take you a long time and work to make your first $100 from your website, but the next $100 will be easier.

As long as you are dedicated and persistent, you can build a great asset for your financial future.

Some people reading this article will want to make a food blog that promotes their personal brand, others will want to create a recipe website that other cooks can submit recipes to, and so on. There are a lot of selling strategies that you can choose to do.

We can help you do both. You can first create a recipe blog and then expand your blog into a full-blown food and recipe website.

How to Build a Recipe Website with WordPress

To make a good and outstanding recipe website with WordPress, you need a lot of creativity. Creating a perfect niche website such as a recipe website requires knowledge in various areas such as IT knowledge, writing skills, gastronomy, and photography.

In order to build a recipe website with WordPress, you need some basic IT knowledge. You will need to find a reliable hosting company and register a good domain name. WordPress is easy to install and get started with, but if you are not comfortable setting up your website, you can hire a developer who can do that for you.

For content writing, you will need a lot of dexterity, imagination, and some journalism knowledge. If you write about food with some ingredients. Write more often and use the ingredients in a different context. You need to be yourself when writing. You can use various types of articles such as reviews of food, guides, diets, tips and tricks, and, of course, your recipe ideas, the best of all is that eventually you will be paid for it!.

Gastronomy knowledge is not necessary. If you don’t write reviews about the meals you cook, you don’t need this. If you have gastronomy knowledge you can write detailed articles and make photos from the final result in the kitchen.

Photography skills are also an advantage when running a recipe website. You don’t need to own an expensive camera. You need a good light source to catch great images and a photo editing software to resize and adjust the images.

A photo is like a thousand words, especially when cooking delicious food that looks amazing.

There are 5 steps to create a food and recipe website with WordPress.


  1. 1.Pick a Domain Name

A domain name is an address you type into the browser to open a website.

Finding available domain names is pretty challenging. Come up with a few ideas to see what best suits your new website and check if one of those names is available. You can use a domain name generator to check domain availability or for inspiration.


  1. Get Hosting

Websites are made up of files and the files that make up your website will be stored on a server. When someone visits your website, the server will send the files to their device and then their browser will render the website.

You don’t need to buy a server – you need to rent one.

Web hosting will be your biggest expense, however, there is no way around it. The good news is that web hosting is a competitive market so there are affordable options.

For your recipe website, we recommend using Bluehost.


  1. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress sounds serious, but it’s not, it is pretty simple. Most web hosting service providers include an auto-installer so all you need to do is fill out a short form and you will install WordPress in a minute. Bluehost takes things one step further and auto-creates a WordPress website for you when you sign up for an account.


  1. Install a WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a template that changes the design of your website. The theme you choose is going to add a ton of functionality to help you build a great recipe website.

The Neptune theme is one of the best themes for food and recipe websites.


  1. Customize your Website

Installing a theme only takes a minute. Next, you will want to do a few customization steps to get your new website ready for the world.

You can customize the background, fonts, colors, and much more as per your needs and requirements.

Launch Your Recipe Website

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never designed a website before. There are great tools that can help you and you don’t need to write a single line of code.

I hope this article made you realize why it is important to create a recipe website and all the possibilities this business offers for you to make money selling recipes online.

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